Poswallet.com believes staking as a service will be a major and critical piece of the blockchain ecosystem as it emerges into the mainstream and touches the average everyday consumer. PoSW aims to give users an intuitive and easy-to-use interface which performs the various actions and specific functionalities that these coins hold. Soon it will find its way to automation inspired by bitcoin up in the cryptocurrency market…

Why PoSW coin?

Ledger Support (active)

PoSW has partnered with Ledger and is now supported by the Ledger Nano S + Ledger Blue hardware products. Order your customized PoSW ledger now

Masternodes (in testing)

PoSW coin is working on the implementation of masternodes, helping stabilize price & give users extra ROI with both masternode rewards and dividend bonuses.

Trustless Staking (in testing)

Anyone can stake PoSW with just the public key while owners of the private key have the ability to “auto distribute” a percentage of the stake received to a third party of their choice

Monthly Dividends (active)

Profits from PoSwallet are paid out to the coinholders via dividends. As more users discover staking and the industry grows…so will your dividends!

Anonymity (in testing)

Allow users to stay anonymous via our PoSW Stealth Mode

TREASURY (in testing)

Monthly treasury dedicated to the improvement & development of our coin’s protocol.


The PoSW team is hard at work on some major milestones. Our roadmap will display what  has been completed, is in current development and future plans ahead

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