Ledger Partnership | COMPLETE

Ledger Partnership | COMPLETE
Complete PoSW setup on Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue products

Expand the Team | COMPLETE

Add new developers to work on updating PoSW coin’s protocol. Incorporating features such as masternodes, TPoS, instant + private transactions and more

PoSW coin info site | COMPLETE

Information site released detailing upcoming roadmap and future plans for PoSW

Publish White Paper | COMPLETE

Release official white paper for PoSW coin


Release of POSWallet 2.0 with updated website & added security

Coin Swap (TPoS )

1:1 exchange to upgraded TPoS chain

Implementation of Masternodes

HD Wallet (12 word seed)

Allow users to back up wallet with 12 word seed

Light Wallet

Full implementation of Flash TX & Stealth Send on PoSW protocol

Enable TPoS Staking from Ledger Nano-S

Mobile Wallet

core team PR

core team PR
conference attendances, hackathons, video interviews/meetups

Lightning Network Upgrade

Work With Top Exchanges

Enable CCPoS

Avtivate Cross Chain Proof of Stake via Lightning Network

3rd party service that grades TPoS Merchants

Similar to Amazon or Yelp – showing how merchants perform compared to average and assign them a score accordingly

Enhanced Privacy Features

Implement zkSNARKs / bulletproof into PoSW Protocol