PoSW Vision

POSWallet is a company specializing in the emerging industry of staking as a service.

At POSwallet.com we allow users to create an account and fund a vast array of wallets where we pool and stake the respective coins for our customers.

As new coins emerge every month, they bring with them some form of reward staking and/or masternode functionality. We believe staking as a service will be a major and critical piece of the blockchain ecosystem as it propels into the mainstream and becomes a part of the everyday user’s life.

Our coin is a way to reward holders with profits from Poswallet, paying them in monthly dividends. Learn more about the features here

Core Objectives

  • Ease of use: Ensure it is always simple and easy to acquire PoSW.
  • Trustless: Our upcoming TPoS integration will allow customers to have complete control over their funds whilst allowing third parties to stake coins with no trust involved.
  • Rewards: Just by holding PoSW you will be awarded dividends, and you can earn even more with masternodes and staking.
  • Community: Maintain a strong ecosystem within our community, thus creating strong foundations with which to build upon.


Giving holders extra ROI with both masternode rewards and dividend bonuses.

Monthly Dividends

Profits from POSwallet are paid out to the coinholders via dividends


Funds dedicated to the improvement & development of coin’s protocol.

Ledger Support

Fully supported by Ledger Nano S + Blue hardware products

Trustless Staking

Stake PoSW with a 3rd party while maintaining control of your coins